17 June 2010

June 16, 2010 radio show podcast

Yesterday's broadcast of Duck Fat and Politics was especially enjoyable because my three children joined me in the studio.  We talked about what's growing in the garden and some of the meals we make at home.  I hope you enjoy listening!

10 June 2010

Chicken coop

So what happened to spring?  Glorious it was, but gone it is.   Thankfully, I have something to show for it: a new chicken coop!  Our chickens and rabbits were housed in an old gazebo in the backyard, a once-lovely structure whose floor rotted out.   I tried several times to re-do it but finally gave up and decided that a new coop, built just for our tiny backyard, would give us the best result.  I wanted something that wouldn't take up too much space, would safely and comfortably house the chickens, and would look nice.  In the backyard of our last house I built an 8'x10' coop in the back of the enormous yard, and it didn't matter that the run was a bit derelict; it was mostly out of sight.
I struggled for a long time with the design.  I wanted a coop that wouldn't look out of place next to our 1920s Craftsman-type home, and I eventually sketched out my idea.
Tearing down and removing the old gazebo was a big job, and over the course of several weekends and evenings after work, I built my new backyard coop, re-using at least some of the old one. The hens are now settled in, and the rabbits are content underneath the coop.  I still have a larger hutch for finishing the rabbits.  A large feeder and watering can are inside, and the nesting box is accessible from the outside, making them close to maintenance-free.