02 March 2008

30° and drizzling

There are times when food is just that. Maybe because we’re nearing the end of a cold winter and the snow is beginning to look as grey and dirty as Lake Erie in 1970, but we haven’t eaten much other than plain food for awhile.
Today, after we ate our Sunday morning pancakes that Madeline made, we packed a few peanut butter sandwiches and headed up to the HHH Metrodome to watch the Minnesota Gophers play against Pepperdine in the DQ Baseballl Classic. 30° and drizzling as we drove to the Cities, and 30° and drizzling when we left the Metrodome, so we went and got a bowl of phở before dr
iving back to Northfield.
Although we make a lot of phở at home, it’s one of our family's favorite foods, so we eat it frequently at restaurants, too. Meaghen usually doesn’t like to eat in a restaurant something she makes at home, but phở is an exception. The kids love it and split a big bowl among themselves, although my youngest daughter still needs her noodles cut into smaller lengths. After our bowls of
phở the car was quiet with sleepy kids for the ride home.

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