28 August 2008


Beets, deep red beets, baked in foil, cooled and peeled. Pulled out of the refrigerator for lunch, sliced and drizzled with olive oil, vinegar and pepper. Earthy and exalted, my tastebuds are transformed into terroir: they are the earth itself, exposed rock rooted in sweetness, rich soil to which we'll return, concentrated life densely lived, fruit of the earth and memory. I am the earth in which they grow; strike me dead and beets will grow where my spirit deserts my empty body.


  1. that's beautiful on beets!

    i made this beet raita recently -- it was really nice.

    parboil beats, cool, mix with plain yogurt
    heat some oil and add black mustard seeds, when they pop, add sesame seeds and some curry leaves...til seeds are coloured

    pour these into raita and eat chilled

    i agree that beets are like going home...

  2. The seeds sound great! With the yogurt, the color must be nice, too.