23 October 2008

Pecan Pie Plate Tectonics

Meaghen loves pecan pie and I made her one for her birthday recently. I whipped a bit too much air into the eggs and had a hard time getting all the filling into the shell. I added what I could and put it in the oven, but I still had a few cups of filling in my mixing bowl. After a few minutes I used a fork and pulled the sticky and caramelizing egg filling towards the middle of the pan. I poured another cup or so of filling into the shell and let it bake some more. I repeated this three times and eventually all the filling made its way into the pie. Each time I pulled the frothy egg mixture with the fork tines I was delighted to see the surface subducted into the filling, which got thicker as time passed. Certainly I was witnessing a scaled down version of plate tectonics – and thankfully the crust withstood the rigors! By the time the pie was done, it looked unlike any pecan pie I had baked before, but tasted just as good! A delicious butter and duck fat crust, pre-baked about fifteen minutes before I added the pecans and filling. A single candle in the middle and another revolution around the sun.


  1. you should have used the leftover filling and made little tarts for your kids. remember when mom had leftover crust for pies and she would bake them and we would put butter and grape jelly on them hot from the oven?? mmmmmm.

  2. Excellent idea! I was worried that if I didn't get more filling into the pie it would have been too shallow when it was finished. But, next time I'll make some little tarts! Oh, the grape jelly on hot pie crust - thanks for reminding me!