06 November 2008

Climate Change

I recently re-connected with a childhood friend and neighbor who's been living in India for years. What a pleasure to discover that we still share common interests and pursuits! I sent her tomato seeds and she just let me know that they've sprouted!
What does it symbolize when simple seeds travel across the globe and are planted in new soil? It's November, and my garden is growing again - Brandywine and 1x6 tomatoes are pushing through the soil of Kolkata, India and Barack Obama is the President-elect of the United States of America. That's climate change I can live with!
My family and I just drove to Chicago (and back) - we were part of the Obama victory rally at Grant Park. It's difficult to capture the real size of the crowd, which was enormous beyond counting!


  1. i cannot tell you how all these things have unlocked something so fresh in me. like all of us are reclaiming something we always believed in. maybe the eight years of bush had to happen -- so we can stand in this place, right now? a thought.

  2. Go Obama! It was an an amazing experience to be in Grant Part on November 4th.

  3. Believe in yourself only. You have the answers. Don't be disappointed when Obama doesn't turn out to be the Saviour you were hoping for. He is a part of the machine. People helping people is the only way to change our future. Be the change you wish to see.