16 April 2009

Thursday dinner

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While scooping second helpings for my kids, I was surprised to hear my oldest daughter call, "Dad, get the camera." She wanted to photograph her dinner plate, and when I asked her why she said, "It's delicious and you can blog about it."

The kids were all busy with after-school activities on this beautiful spring day and we didn't get home until six-fifteen. My wife was gone for the evening so I knew I had to make something quick. With leftover ham in the icebox I put a pot of water on the stove and got ready to make an easy pasta dish. I saw fresh green beans in the fridge and got to work. I minced four or five large garlic cloves while blanching the beans. A big pour of olive oil and the garlic was soon sizzling; I then added a few slices of ham that I cut into smaller pieces. The vibrant green beans were added next, along with a few fingers of tarragon and a pinch of salt. When it was all nice I mixed in the thin linguine and a topped it with a grating of parmesan cheese.

Twenty-five minutes from walking into the house to serving dinner. The kids had time to wash up and set the table, and we sat around talking for a good while after we finished eating. Even on a busy night (soccer, softball, and play practices) we lit candles, sat down to a good dinner, and talked with each other. Mealtimes aren't practice; they're the real thing every day. And some of them are blog-able, according to my daughter.


  1. i always wonder why mcdonalds is called "fast" food. i think some of the most delicious fast foods are made in our own kitchens.

  2. It's the same with packaged, prepared foods, too. Their whole marketing angle is that you're too busy to cook but you can still have a "real, homemade dinner tonight." And don't those families look happier than ours, too!

  3. This was a delicious meal! Every meal our family shows a fist-to-five. Fist is 'this is horrible" five is "this is so good I could eat this every night" the average score for this meal was a five!