26 October 2009

Sometimes I just want to think about food

I mess up in the kitchen as often as I succeed.  My food isn’t always pretty and sometimes it’s too much of the same – some kind of stew with meat and beans.  And too often I cook a dish but not a meal – delicious pasta but nothing else, and I have to scramble to make the meal complete, heating up frozen peas so we have a vegetable to eat.

Most nights I eat a bowl of cereal before bed – Shredded Wheat on the bottom, Corn Chex in the middle, and Kix on top.  A light shines onto the counter where I sit; the rest of the kitchen is in puddled darkness.  If I don’t read a cereal box I like to leaf through the pages of a cookbook and think about recipes.  There’s clarity late at night when the house is quiet and the incipient rumblings in my stomach are quieted.  Sometimes I just want to think about food.


  1. It is so truth about the vegetable part .I have to add boiled brocolie or some green or even a salad .But hey your dishes always delicious

  2. hi Patrick ,above is my comment