19 January 2010

Radio show

As soon as I started talking on Jessica Paxton's All-Wheel Drive radio show last fall I knew I liked it.  Talking about food on the radio felt as natural as listening to a baseball game on a long June evening.  I like radio because it's just voices and words and sounds.  We are born to talk, and whether we're sitting barefoot and full-bellied around a fire, or talking long into the night around a dinner table - dessert plates scraped clean, wine glasses stained red, and the conversation still moving along - we were born to talk, to eat, to share.  
Well, starting next month I'll be hosting my own show on Northfield, Minnesota's  KYMN 1080 AM.  I love talking into the microphone at a radio station; I don't know if my voice is moving into the emptiness or the fullness of the night. I can imagine a voice rolling across the fields of Minnesota being picked up by a truck that's passing through on a long trip to California, New Mexico, Vermont.  I'm still working with the station owner to find a time slot that works, but we're looking towards a mid-February beginning. 
I'm planning to talk regularly with guests; I am going to interview the widest possible range of people involved in any part of food.  Farmers, butchers, cooks, policy makers, hunters, vegans, gardeners, food bloggers and everyone in between or falling off the edges - I plan on talking with them.  And you. 


  1. Congratulations! I've been listening to your interviews with Jessica (usually via podcast) and really enjoy them. You have one of those deep radio voices -- should be great.

  2. Michael Pollen, that's my vote! But I'm from Buffalo, so I can't heeeeaaaarrrrrr you!

  3. I'll make sure the podcasts are available on my blog. They're currently available, though sometimes hard to find, at the KYMN site: just follow the link above!

  4. Congratulations Patrick! As many things as I have done in broadcasting over the years, I have not enjoyed anything more than the time I spent working in radio stations. Have fun with it Patrick, and speak from your diaphram.

  5. This is so great you're doing this. I have rarely had the chance to listen, but I do read your parallel blog posts.

  6. Congratulations to you! you have such a way with words - I am sure your radio hosting will fit you to a T :)