07 April 2010


On this evening's radio broadcast of Duck Fat and Politics, I spoke with gardener and beekeeper Chris Sullivan-Kelley.  She told listeners about several helpful resources and I want to post them here for your convenience.
The University of Minnesota offers an annual short course on beekeeping.  Beekeeping must be experiencing a significant resurgence because the program's 250 person enrollment limit has a 140 person wait list; they're now offering a fall course as well.
Chris recommended Betterbee as a good online company for bees, books, and other beekeeping supplies.
If you live in Minnesota, check out the MN Hobby Beekeepers Association for more information.   Others can find local resources online. 
If you have any good beekeeping information, feel free to share it in the comments section. Thanks!


  1. My neighbors are urban beekeepers. I got chased once when she was in the process of installing a new queen in the hive (something far more elaborate than I'd ever think). But, the result is that I now get the tastiest honey ever for free.

  2. Practical comments , BTW , if anyone wants a FEMA 81-31 , my company used a blank document here http://goo.gl/L6gr2v